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The Diaphragmatic segment: The diaphragm is used in all expulsive acts. The diaphragmatic segment is what we work on mostly in the expression of gagging, for that’s where the gag reflex starts, with the contraction of the diaphragm. It’s used in and is obviously related to disgust which means to disparage what’s in here to get rid of it out there. The diaphragm and armoring of the diaphragm is geographically very close to the solar plexus. This is one of the most important plexus of the body. It is also very close to the heart, which is why when we feel emotions very deeply, we have a feeling in this area of our body and why we talk so much in terms of heart feeling, because this is a very important area for deep emotional feeling. Consequently, when we succeed in loosening the diaphragmatic area, patients often experience a flowing of energy into their abdomen and pelvis which they have not experienced before, and which most invariably they first experience for a very short time as pleasurable, and then experience as anxiety-provoking.

The fifth armor segment forms a contraction ring which extends forward over the epigastrium, the lower part of the sternum, back along the lowermost ribs, toward the posterior insertions of the diaphragm, that is, to the tenth, eleventh and twelfth thoracic vertebrae. Essentially it comprises the diaphragm, the stomach, the solar plexus, including the pancreas, which lies in front of it, the liver, and two bulging muscle bundles extending alongside the lowermost thoracic vertebrae.