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The Oral segment: We look for voice tone. We listen to people: are they talking in rhyme, are they barking, are their jaws tight, do they have a problem biting, do they have a problem sucking, are they talkative so that they cannot keep their mouths shut, can they cry fully, can they scream, can they yell fully, and finally, are they capable of gagging. Is there a problem in the throat and the oral segment that keeps them from maintaining a lively gag reflex.The oral armor segment comprises the entire musculature of the chin, pharynx and the occipital musculature, including the muscles around the mouth.They are functionally related to one another; for example, the loosening of the chin armor is capable of producing spasms in the musculature of the lips and the related emotion of crying or desire to suck.Likewise, the freeing of the gag reflex is capable of mobilizing the oral segment.