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The Hero: This person adopts the values and dreams of others-even at great personal cost-in order to maintain his coveted place in the family. He tends to be very guarded about his psychic space, not allowing anyone to get too close.

This is usually the oldest child. This role is also referred to as the ‘parental child,’ the ‘superstar,’ and the ‘goody two shoes’, .This child attempts to do everything right. He/she is the family’s high achiever, and as such appears quite ambitious and responsible.

They are achievement-oriented and frequently develop well-respected professional careers. Many of them later become work addicts. Some characteristics are hostility, time urgency, and an obsession with work, among other features. Such individuals may be susceptible to stress-related disease (e.g., stomach ulcer, coronary heart disease).

As an adult the hero is usually rigid, controlling, and extremely judgmental.


Script: (Responsible and Upbeat)


Hey Ma I got all As in my exams today

Did you see the trophy I won at sports day

I will help you with dinner now after my homework

How are you Ma, Is everything ok

What Trouble did he cause today (Refering to Scapegoat)