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The Mascot is the family clown, comic relief in a stressful situation. Mascots try to joke their way out of anything serious; their laughter covers tears and their humor can become sadistic and “black”.

Mascots often act silly and make jokes, even at their own expense. The clownish behavior acts as a defense against feelings of anxiety and inadequacy. They often have a dire need for approval from others. As adults, they are very likeable but appear anxious. Research suggests that they may self-medicate with alcohol and/or tranquilizers.

Mascots are funny, attention-seekers, lovable, immature, and needy. These children take responsibility for the emotional well-being of the family. On the inside they may feel left out, shamed, lonely, and/or insecure.


Script: (funny, attention seeking, immature)


Hey Ma Did I tell you this joke

Hey cheer up everybody

Wait till I tell you all what happened today

Its so funny!