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The Scapegoat

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The Scapegoat:is considered the family’s problem child. His behavior is so outrageous that everyone else in the family looks good by comparison. Actually, the scapegoat is unconsciously acting out the unspoken family conflict. When the family focuses on the scapegoat, it stops paying attention to the real issues that need to be resolved. Thus the scapegoat becomes the structure’s “sacrificial lamb”.

This is often the second oldest child. This is the child that the family feels ashamed of. He/she is the trouble maker or problem child. The scapegoat gets into trouble, which helps to take the focus off of the family problems, because everyone is focused on his/her bad behavior. The child is usually strong-willed, rebellious, rude, and sassy, however, the scapegoat is the most emotionally honest child in the family. The scapegoat usually becomes pregnant or addicted as a teenager. On the inside they may feel rejected, misunderstood, shamed, and/or betrayed.


Script: (Screaming Rage)


Its Not my Fault !

I didn’t do anything wrong !

Fuck you !

Just blame me for everything !

Fucking Goody two shoes (referring to Hero)